In October 2014, the Government of Canada announced a change to the Universal Childcare Benefit that affects all Canadian citizens with children aged 6 to 17. It essentially means an increase of $60 per eligible child, per month. If you were already receiving the benefit, you likely noticed a nice bonus recently due to a retroactive top-up from January – June of 2015, since the policy went into effect on January 1st.

Parents with children who are not receiving the Child Tax Benefit should apply for the Enhanced Universal Child Tax Benefit. The increase is $720 per year for each child from age six up to 17, valuable resources you can put towards education, sports programs, arts and culture, or anywhere else you deem fit for the best interest of your child and family.

You can apply by visiting the Canada Revenue website or by filling out the RC66 Canada Child Benefits Application Form. You can visit the CRA website for more information about this by clicking here. The UCCB is retroactive to January 2015.